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C-Box Rules Empty C-Box Rules

Post by Zerosaur on Sat Aug 03, 2013 6:47 pm

Be mature please, everybody would greatly appreciate it but of course have fun, joke around and talk about whatever just no fighting if you’re going to get in an argument take it somewhere else no one wants to hear it. Trolling the C-box is prohibited and you will be kicked and or banned nobody likes that, except you and you’re on your own.

Feel free to ask questions and don’t be shy if anyone makes a remark or says something that you believe needs to be heard just leave one of the Admins/Mods a Pm and they will tend to it as quick as they can.

As far as posting links in the C-box there is to be no pornography related links posted if you do so you will be banned from the site for a week if it happens again your banned permanently no excuse look at that crap on your own time we most likely don’t want to see it. Regular links are fine such as web videos, topic links and etc.

I know you hear this everywhere but some tend to forget, DO NOT release any of your personal information in the C-box if such Info. Need be given use only Pm’s.
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