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Timothy Bubo

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Timothy Bubo

Post by Timothy Bubo on Sun Aug 04, 2013 5:30 pm

Name: Timothy Bubo.

   Age: 13.

   Gender: Male.

   Ethnicity: Half American, Half British.

   Hair: Timothy's hair is messy and dark blonde. It is styled upwards at the front, and the back often goes neglected. It has crazy spikes that make up it's fringe.

   Eyes: Timothy's eyes are both bright green, with darker lining around the outside of the Iris' and around the pupil, the rest is the bright green, as mentioned. His eyes are also large and shiny at a distance.

   Height: 4.8

   Weight: 90lbs.

   Home City/Town: whichever has the normal gym in it.

   Personality: Timothy is remarkably immature. He finds it remarkably hard to form a serious thought without getting distracted or giggling like a baby because that thing that person over there just sounded like something dirty or someone said boobies. Hehe. This often makes people label him as annoying, but the only reason he is so is because it's a defense mechanism of sorts. Feelings do not go down well with Timothy so his mind has opted to just making everything exciting or a joke.

   Character Image/Description:

Something similar to that, but just generally lighter. He usually wears a white and grey stripy T-shirt, a red hoodie, Denim shorts and some shoes.


   Starter Pokémon: Ditto.

   Nature: Timothy's Ditto is Impish in nature.


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Timothy Bubo
Timothy Bubo

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Re: Timothy Bubo

Post by Zerosaur on Sun Aug 04, 2013 9:13 pm

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