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Post by Lockitung on Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:12 pm

It was one thing to catch a Pokémon, but a whole new thing entirely to teach it how to battle and win on a regular basis, this is was one hurdle that Sam was not accustomed to, sure he had seen how the professionals do it, but watching it on TV and actually doing it are two different things, there is a greater sense of urgency when in the middle of a battle and the greater chance of making a mistake, and it only takes one mistake to lose an entire battle.

Sam had been trekking towards the Sunsail Island Harbour for some time now, he planned on battling any trainers and wild Pokémon along the way, to give himself and his Pokémon more and more experience with every battle and grow together better as a team. The pair had been getting along quite well for the time being, Growly seemed to be of a gentle nature, he almost looked like he did not want to hurt the Pokémon he was fighting against, but decided to do it simply because his master told him to, and Sam had grown a special bond with him too, it was his first Pokémon after all and he had always been a fan of Growlithes especially because of what they evolve into, Sam did his research though and found that he would need a fire stone to evolve his little Growly, something that is hard to come by when you are just a simple trainer with one Pokémon, but he hoped that he would find it one day.

Sam was starting to get slightly tired so he decided to take a step off of the path he was on and sit in the shade of a nearby tree, trainers walked past him and probably passed judgement on him in their minds, saying how weak he looks and that they could beat him any day, but Sam knew they were all wrong and that he would one day be the best and be able to defeat anyone who even looks at him funny. Sam looked at his Pokéball once more, wondering how it all actually worked, he never tried to learn how these mechanisms worked, he would just use them. Sam began to feel sorry for Growly though, Sam could sit in the shade of a tree whilst he was cramped into a ball? It simply was not right, so as a sign of trust he threw the ball into the air and let it bounce on the ground once, immediately sending Growly out and into the real world, the Pokéball returned to his hand and he placed it in his backpack. Growly looked like he was ready for another battle, he was already in an aggressive stance, it was not until he turned to see Sam relaxing by a tree when he realised there was no actual fight taking place, instead Growly walked to his trainer and cuddled up alongside him, enjoying the relaxing setting they were both in. Sam was even allowed to pet Growly whilst they were lying down, they were clearly very comfortable with each other now, more than they were over the past few days, their closeness even had an effect on others aswell, causing a pair of twins to “Awww” in unison as they ventured by the pair, clearly heading towards the harbour as well.

All was well, the Pidgey’s were chirping and the Weedle’s were keeping to themselves, nothing could go wrong, that was until a hard object landed on Sam’s head, Growly shot up and stared at the object as if it was an intruder, on closer inspection the object in question was a Leek… But that could only mean one thing, Sam turned his head upwards to see a laughing Farfetch’d sitting in the branches of the tree they were once leaning against. The wild Pokémon dropped down to it’s vegetable and Sam and Growly backed away slightly, a grin grew across Sam’s face as he looked down to Growly and said “Looks like it is time for another practice session, eh Growly?” the Pokémon gave a determined “Lithe!” as it readied itself for battle. The Farfetch’d almost seemed surprised that the pairing were willing to take it on, he actually seemed quite full of himself, as do most Farfetch’d.

Ok Growly, time to make the first step, move in there for a Bite!” Sam shouted and Growly listened, he darted forward at a quick pace and moved in closer for the Bite, he was about to reach his target when the Farfetch’d kicked some sand up from the ground, obscuring Growly’s vision and causing him to miss the Bite. “Don’t worry about it Growly, give him a Growl for good measure!” shouted Sam, Growly watched his trainer for the order, then turned back around to the Farfetch’d, Sam could see that Growly was digging deep on this growl and it sounded like it too, the growl that came out of his mouth was much louder than usual, it even caused the Farfetch’d to drop its leek onto the ground and it began to roll away, the Farfetch’d completely disregarded to battle for this space of time as it was more worried about recovering its leek. “Now’s the time Growly, get the sand out of your eyes and go for another Bite before it gets it’s leek back!” Growly shook its head from side to side quickly, dispersing the sand all around him and more importantly, out of his eyes. Sam noticed some other trainers gathering round to watch the fight in the corner of his eye, his main concern was the battle itself. He watched as Growly again, moved in for a Bite, and because the Farfetch’d was too worried about it’s leek, it did not see it coming, Growly’s bite hit the wild Pokémon in the middle of its back, it squealed as it fell and landed on its vegetable, it slowly returned to its feet but with a more aggressive look this time, it flew up into the air and darted down to Growly to begin pecking at his head, there was nothing Growly could really do about it, the Farfetch’d was up in the air and there wasn’t anyway to reach it. Sam noticed the Farfetch’d pull its head back for a longer time, no doubt going for some kind of killer blow, Sam saw this opportunity and warned Growly, “Growly, dodge this attack and Bite again” Whilst being pelted by beak pecks, Growly listened and dashed to the side to dodge its final blow, he then went on the bite the Farfetch’d on the roof of it’s head, the wild Pokémon flailed again, this time throwing its leek up into the air and it conveniently landed in Sam’s arms, “Hey Farfetch’d, do you want this?” Sam said threateningly, “Then go get it!” he turned around and launched the leek into the forest behind him, the Farfetch’d quickly abandoned the entire battle and retreated back into the forest to find its lost friend.

The battle was over, an albeit strange one, Sam slumped back down to the tree as Growly returned to him, his fur was slightly ruffed up and he still had some sand on him, but Sam quickly dusted him off and gave him a short hug as a show of affection and respect. Growly looked up with a small grin and hopped up onto Sam’s shoulder, he seemed to find it a comfortable and noble place to sit, he probably preferred it much more than being cramped into a Pokéball all day, the small crowd gave Sam a slight clap as they dispersed to do whatever it was they planned on doing, some of them probably watched just so they could get a read on how Sam battles, in case they were to meet again in the future. For now though, Sam allowed Growly to stay out of his Pokéball and walk the world with him, he placed the vacant Pokéball back in his backpack as he gestured to Growly that they were leaving, they re-joined the path not too far away from them and restarted their trek to the Sunsail Island Harbour.

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