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Eevee Encounters [Solo training]

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Eevee Encounters [Solo training] Empty Eevee Encounters [Solo training]

Post by Simon Kyoya on Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:09 pm

Niko ran out ahead of him into the dense forest, his small size allowing him to move faster than any human could possibly, and that allowed him to run far ahead of Simon with little trouble. It leapt over a small bush into a clearing, and turned around waiting, small arms crossing over his chest as he waited. Only a few moments afterward, Simon came running through the brush breathless and a small bead of sweat dripping down from his brow. It was a training day, and Niko seemed far more ecstatic in doing this than his trainer but then again, Simon never liked making his Pokemon fight, but his little rodent had a taste for it. Perhaps it was just his nature, but whatever it was, he knew that Niko wanted to train and not sit around like some kind of house pet.

Just when he thought he had that Pokemon's personality pegged, he seemed to only reveal more.”I'm here already, calm down will you.” Simon huffed, hands pressed against his knees as he tried to gather his wits for a moment, while the Pokemon only seemed to berate him in his own little language, though it was obvious Simon could not understand him. ”Now what are you expecting to do out here? Zap something?” Simon knew that his Pokemon would be expecting to do something, but unless it was beating up random Pokemon, then he had no idea what it would be. Niko approached his trainer, tapping on the front of his shoe, in an almost bored fashion. That was when the sound of something rustling in the bushes caught their attention.

Niko whipped his head towards the noise and saw what looked like an.....evee. Simon couldn't help but smirk, seeing as he hadn't seen an Evee in the forest for what felt like years, and that meant that today was a lucky day for him. The timied pokemon looked at the two, its eyes narrowing as if considering its options. The Pichu did not look too strong, but then again she had seen those of his kind before, and they packed more of a punch than she cared to deal with. ”Niko, do you see what I see?”

”Chuuu.”He answered mischievously, letting the electricity build up within his cheek sacks, and in a moment unleashed the electricity in an instant as a thunder shock. The Evee leapt back into the brush and out of the way of the attack, that turned the grass it touched black. A small wisp of smoke rose from it. Before the Evee had a chance to really escape, Simon and Niko had already begun their pursuit of the poor Pokemon, their feet crushing the vibrant grass underneath them. The chase was on and unlucky for the Evee, it seemed like its pursuers were hot on its trail, and with no sign of slowing down.

Niko rushed ahead, the Evee coming into its sights and within a moment, it was gone. It had ducked into another damn bush, and that left the now tired Simon heaving heavily. It had evaded him once again, but he would find the Pokemon, and catch it even if it took all day. ”Now where are you.” Simon muttered adjusting one of the sleeves on his white t-shirt, Niko looking up at him, mostly confused as why he had stopped. The little electric mouse had more energy than his trainer, and that meant that he could go longer without tiring, and Simon was in fact only human. Either it was the fact that he had electricity stored in his cheek pouchs, or the Pokemon had been nibbling on cookies, but he was more energetic today. ”Aren't...you even... a little..tired.”

”Chuu.” Niko answered, shaking his head side to side. His small black eyes darted around, as if he could somehow spot that Evee once, again but it was gone for now, and one of them was out of breath, and trying to catch it. If appeared they had failed in catching it, but Niko still had the energy to run, and he would do so, with or without his trainer. Without so much as a hint of a dash, the Pichu ran off into the brush, with Simon having to run after him. There was the sound of a clash, and then thundershock being let off. Its bright light showing Simon right where his Pokemon was, and he was in the middle of a confrontation. There was an angry looking Evee and the Pichu standing a meter away from it, with electricity issuing from its cheeks.

”Niko!” Simon called out, drawing the pokemons attention as the other tackled him pretty hard, sending him reeling as he hit the ground pretty hard. The Evee looked at Simon and bared small teeth, still they looked sharp enough to do some damage if it bit him, but he had Niko. The Pokemon was willful, but he would not allow anyone to hurt his trainer. Afterall, they had history and one that would not be so easily forgotten. Niko grumbled, before once again taking a fighting stance, hunching his back and looking the Evee square in the eyes. They stared off for what felt like forever, before the foxxy Pokemon made its move, and Pichu reacted with swiftness as it moved to the side and hit it with a thundershock. The Pokemon cringed, and tried to shake off the damage, but fore the most part it hurt a lot. Niko knew that the fight would be over soon, likely with one or two more of those attacks. He was faster than the enemy, and that meant he had the advantage here.

The Evee was now busy trying to keep its distance, and think of a way that it could defeat the Pichu that was attacking it, but Niko was simply too fast for it. IN a moment it was dashing at it, recklessly charging at the Evee. The Pokemon jumped to the side, and charged, ramming the Pichu in its side, but unprepared for the thundershock that followed. Niko may have been injured, but it had done more damage to the Evee, who was looking rather weak from all of the attack from before. Before it could really react, another attack came and it was down in an instant, unconscious and slightly smoking. Niko made a gesture of victory before falling to the ground, its body likely weak from all the electricity he discharged, as well as the injuries he had sustained.

”What should I do with you Niko?” Simon mumbled picking the young electric mouse up, and lightly petting his head. With that done, he tossed one of the pokeballs from his belt at the now unconscious Pokemon, and let it shake. It did so around three times before confirming the capture. With that done, he leaned down and picked it up, another pokemon added to his team. Sure the Evee may be a bit mad when first let out, but Simon was sure it would come around eventually. Maybe Pidge would have someone new to play with, and that was good. Niko was a quirky Pokemon, but not the best when it came to being friends with others. Simon had yet to really understand him, but perhaps that was impossible.

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