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Riverside Roadtrip (Open)

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Riverside Roadtrip (Open) Empty Riverside Roadtrip (Open)

Post by Joseph White on Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:17 am

Joseph wondered along the small path that made up the Rainy Way. Off to the side, he could see several people sitting by the water, fishing pools and pokeballs at the ready, each of them having their own set up and such. A few people were talking, trading fishing stories about catching a gyarados thiiiiiis big or finding a golden magikarp, but everyone likes to tell tall fish tales. Even with the sun barely rising, Joseph loved how popular the river was for people trying to catch themselves some sort of water pokemon. Away from the fishermen, Joseph could see a few pokemon just swimming around and splashing with each other, playing.

With Lisa walking along next to him, being on all fours, she watched the other pokemon with a smile, though she was too timid to actually go and play with them. Bending down and petting her shell a bit, Joseph noticed a rustling in the trees not too far from him, and he stood up tall. "Get ready Lisa, we should have a nice battle to start out the day." He said, and Lisa gave a soft 'squirt' and stood at the ready, bracing herself for whatever comes out. Wondering out of the woods was a simple bug pokemon, a Weedle, and Joseph gave it a smile. "Hey, would you like to give us a bit of a battle?" He asked the weedle, who happened to go into a bit of an offensive stance.

OOC: Feel free to join, will probably start solo training after a day.

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