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Scyre Rayne Team Guile Boss

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Scyre Rayne Team Guile Boss

Post by Zerosaur on Tue Aug 13, 2013 3:23 pm

Name: Scyre Rayne

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hair: Short brushes back black hair

Eyes: Red

Height: 7'6

Weight: 212 Ibs

Home City/Town: Iccarai

Personality: believes that might makes right and that those who possess power have the right to rule the world as they see fit.  Often uses pure force to get his way but is an unparrelled genius in his own right.

Character Image/Description: (If you write a description, please be detailed with it. We want to be able to visualize your character somewhat. If an image please apply one that is Pokémon friendly rather than some picture of an actual person.)


Pokémon: Dragonite Ice-0 Lv 55

Ability Inner Focus

Nature: Serious


Dragon Rush


Stone Edge

Fire Blast

Aqua Tail



Pokémon: Metagross Fire-0 Lv 45

Ability Clear Body

Nature: Serious


Hammer Arm

Bullet Punch


Magnet Rise

Giga Impact

Zen Headbutt

Flash Cannon

Pokémon: Hydreigon Flying-0 Lv 64

Ability Levitate

Nature: Serious


Tri Attack

Dragon Pulse

Hyper Beam



Focus Blast


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