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Another Trainer, from the Island (Solo)

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Another Trainer, from the Island (Solo)

Post by Powder Miner on Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:30 pm

The day had finally come! Specifically, it was the fifteenth birthday of one Melánia Nemes. And this birthday she’d been waiting for for a particularly long while. For her parents had promised that on her fifteenth birthday, they’d get her a Pokémon. And Melánia had patiently waited. Now that the day was here though, she realized she had positively no idea what kind of Pokémon she actually wanted. Though she’d planned endlessly, she was drawing a blank.

She was too excited, she supposed! She was unusually bursting at the seams with energy, really, since getting a Pokémon was quite the wonderful prospect! She began babbling excitedly to her parents as they entered the shopping district. Really, Melánia was bursting with much more energy than usual. “Well, uh, I know that I don’t want any water Pokémon for sure, hee! I dunno, maybe, like…” Melánia stopped to think, and her parents took the opportunity to lead her into a store. Her father couldn’t help but smirk a little as she entered the store wide-eyed.

She took a few minutes looking around in the store, but eventually one particular Pokémon caught her eye. An Aron, sleeping in its little habitat, specifically, unconcerned with the world around it, was this Pokémon. Melánia walked down to the mini-habitat of this Pokémon, looking at it excitedly. The Aron snored. Melánia thought about it for a bit, and then after going through some thought process, decided to pick it! “Can I have this one?”

Her parents agreed, and she soon found herself the owner of one Aron. But first, she realized, she had to train, and she had to name. But she could do that all later. For now, she would sleep off a good day.

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