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Gareth Tsuga

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Gareth Tsuga Empty Gareth Tsuga

Post by Gareth on Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:29 pm

Name: Gareth Tsuga
Professor Hemlock

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Japanese American

Hair: Dirty blonde mid length, usually kept in a ponytail.
The ponytail is completely dropped when Hemlock is under control.

Eyes: Soft curved aqua blue eyes.
Sharpen in shape and appear to turn royal purple when Hemlock is under control. He also puts on non-prescription glasses.

Height: Approximately 6'1" or 185 cm

Weight: Approximately 150lbs or 68 kg

Home City/Town: Castelia City, Unova

Personality: Gareth is a kind and enthusiastic, but scatterbrained, student hailing from Castelia University. On a program to study abroad, he finds himself visiting many different regions to study Pokemon and the people who train them. Although a professor-in-the-making, he has a love for trainers and battling, and once pursued the Pokemon Master Dream in his teenage years. He dabbled briefly in veterinary science during his early years in CU, and is passionate about studying the effects of battling on overall Pokemon health. Despite this passion, he has difficulty with information retention. He also suffers from frequent memory blackouts, finding himself not being able to remember what he had been doing minutes, hours, or even days ago.
The Truth:
The truth is that Gareth is a sleeper agent for Team Plasma, nicknamed Professor Hemlock. The procedures used to alter Gareth's mind resulted in the development of a Dissociative Identity Disorder. Hemlock and Gareth are unable to remember their times as each other, and while Gareth is unaware of Hemlock's existence, Hemlock is well aware of Gareth. Hemlock is a genius and an authority on Pokemon health and anatomy, as well as an adamant researcher of Aura. A cold man, he cares only for the Pokemon who follow him, but he trusts them immensely. He enjoys testing the limits of his comrades and his opponents, pushing Pokemon battles to extreme, life threatening limits.

Character Image/Description: Gareth has a long, slim figure and normally dresses in long, light fabric coats of various different designs. Underneath he wears a uniform from Castelia University consisting of a loose fitting white-green faux suit and red tie.


Starter Pokémon: Psyduck

Nature: Impish

Ability: Cloud Nine

Water Sport
Tail Whip


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Gareth Tsuga Empty Re: Gareth Tsuga

Post by Absolar on Fri Aug 30, 2013 7:23 pm

We have Team Guiles, not Plasma.

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Gareth Tsuga Empty Re: Gareth Tsuga

Post by Gareth on Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:37 am

I know, but he's pretty much a Plasma leftover originating from out of region, since the aforementioned group is now defunct.


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Gareth Tsuga Empty Re: Gareth Tsuga

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