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Pokemon League Opening Day! (OPEN TO ALL)

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Pokemon League Opening Day! (OPEN TO ALL) Empty Pokemon League Opening Day! (OPEN TO ALL)

Post by Elite Four Member Shade on Fri Sep 06, 2013 9:27 pm

Posters, Flyers, Newspaper articles, Internet Forms, through all the means people stayed connected they would notice that the Pokémon League was going to be holding a live battle between Elite Four Member Shade and a challenger. He was a challenger who had traveled across all of the great old country of Kanto and the Aris Region to challenge the Elite Four. Having previously lost to the final Elite Four Member, or the champion, in the other regions he set his sights on conquering the Aris region and now was scheduled to fight against the fourth and final member of the championless Aris region. He was the final blockade before the man would be able to conquer the Elite Four and become Champion of the Aris region.

A week later, after defeating the other three Elite Four Members, The challenger who dawned a black suit and fedora and a cane in his right hand stepped into the challenger’s box twirling a Pokeball in his left hand. The crowd in the stadium was packed full as everyone wanted to see the last battle of the Pokémon League Challenge, all wanted to see just how strong these two and what made Shade the strongest member in their League when he was its youngest member. The announcer and referee raised his hands to silence the voices as he raised his left hand, or right depending on where you sat, and from under the stadium entrance a twenty year old man wearing a brown hat pulled down over his face and an Arcanine by his side.

Stepping out into the Elite Four Member’s box with Spike on his heels Ray ‘Shade’ Miller lifted his hat off his head patting down his red bandana that was underneath it before placing it back upon his head. “LET THE MATCH BEGIN!” Yelled out the old announcer and with that both men released the first Pokémon from their teams and the match began. Now skipping ahead all those boring details and up to the final Pokémon of the challenger and Shade’s final two. Set the Absol was left on the field as the man in the hat recalled his Dragonite back into the UltraBall as he pulled out his final Ultraball only to release a Gyarados holding…a quick claw. Shade cursed under his breath knowing things were certainly not going to end well for Set. “Set! Perish Song!” He called out to Absol.

The Perish Song hit but come the turn of the Gyarados Set was knocked out with a painful Dragon Pulse. Closing his eyes the man whispered under his breath and returned Set into his Pokeball. Things were certainly on his side of the coin though, two more turns and the battle would be his. A sly grin spread across his face as he threw into the air the ball of his final Pokemon. Molly the Umbreon appeared on the field with a blink and step backwards at the intimidating site of the Gyarados, only to shake it off a bit afterwards. “Molly, start things off with a Toxic and dodge the attack.” He yelled out as the Umbreon dodged the oncoming hydro pump by jumping into the air and throwing a purple glob out at the Gyarados.  

The next round of attacks went relatively boring with Umbreon dodging yet another attack, this time a bite, and then used confuse ray on the Gyarados. Gyarados was poisoned by the toxic attack and then the inevitable happened as Perish Song took effect. Shade walked over to Umbreon and pets her on the head, before kneeling down and pulling the Umbreon into a hug and kissed it on the top of the head. “Molly you preformed exceptionally well. Thank you once more my friend.” He whispered to her while he pressed the button on her Pokeball returning her into it. Once she was safely inside he stood up and walked over to shake the man’s hand and once that was done and the man left the stage he placed his Pokeballs in a healing machine quickly before turning to face the roaring crowd.

This battle had surely earned the Elite Four and the Pokemon League a boat load of money, sponsorships, and all that lovely jazz. But Shade cared little for any of that, no he was simply happy battling alongside his friends and teammates, but he was told to give the people a show and so that was what he did. Even if he knew he wasn’t the best talker or speech giver in the world for that matter. Giving a short bow he tipped his hat and coughed, clearing his throat. “Who here thinks they have what it takes to take me on?!” He called out yelling as a machine rolled up onto the center of the battle field. Essentially it was a PC system but had a giant flat screen that everyone could see.

Motioning towards the giant PC Screen he explained what was going on. “One lucky person will have the honor of challenging me and they get to use any six Pokémon they want out of the assortment here provided by the Pokémon League! That is unless of course you want to use your own Pokemon. So! Who shall it be, do I have any volunteers!” With that Spike came out of his Pokeball and let loose a roar worthy of only a mighty Arcanine such as himself. Things were surely about to get even more interesting…

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