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Pokemon Adventures Shop

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Pokemon Adventures Shop Empty Pokemon Adventures Shop

Post by Zerosaur on Tue Oct 29, 2013 6:08 pm

Using the shop is simple, post below what items you want to buy and they will be added to your Inventory after a Moderator approves the purchase.

Potion 200 Poké

Antidote 400 Poké

Burn Heal 400 Poké

Ice Heal 400 Poké

Burn Heal 400 Poké

Paralyz Heal 400 Poké

Full Heal 700 Poké

Full Restore 2000 Poké

Revive 1000 Poké

Amulet Coin 500 Poké

Big Root 500 Poké

Binding Band 500 Poké

Black Belt 500 Poké

Black Glasses 500 Poké

All Gems 300 Poké

Cell Battery 500 Poké

Charcoal 500 Poké

All Evolutionary Items 3000 Poké

Everstone 500 Poké

Eviolite 500 Poké

EXP Share 2500 Poké

EXP Share Mega 5000 Poké

Mega Stones 3000 Poké

Expert Belt 500 Poké

Focus Band 500 Poké

Focus Sash 500 Poké

All Incenses 800 Poké

Grip Claw 500 Poké

Hard Stone 500 Poké

Left Overs 500 Poké

Lucky Egg 2500 Poké

Magnet 500 Poké

Metronome 500 Poké

Miracle Seed 500 Poké

Never Melt Ice 500 Poké

Pink Bow 500 Poké

Poison Barb 500 Poké

Quick Claw 500 Poké

Rocky Helmet 500 Poké

Soothe Bell 500 Poké

Spell Tag 500 Poké

All Berries 200 Poké

For Berries and Evolutionary Items, Specify what you want in your post. A moderator will check regularly and move the Item to your Inventory provided you have the funds.

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